XLAB ISC and Alumni Joint Symposium August 2016

As early as 2003 XLAB started its international program by organizing the 1st International Science Camp for 44 young students. The 1st camp was generously financed by the Robert Bosch Foundation. Since 13 years the ISC’s have been the most prestigious projects organized by XLAB. The total number of participating ISC students, including those of 2016, is about 700. Most of the former participants are today Master- and PhD-students in different research institutes worldwide and quite a number already hold positions as postdocs or principal investigators. 

A recent survey of the XLAB Alumni Association showed that there are 318 students among the 391 active members spread all over the globe, living in many different countries and being focused on a wide spectrum of diverse research topics in all areas of science including medical research.

This year, for the first time, XLAB invites the Alumnae and Alumni to join the final Symposium of the recent International Science Camp participants. Many of the Alumni expressed their interest and some will be able to participate. 

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ISC Symposium