What is XLAB?
XLAB is an experimental laboratory for young people and bridges the gap  between university and high school.

What does XLAB offer?
XLAB offers year-round experimental courses in all natural sciences.

Where is XLAB?
XLAB is located in the center of the Göttingen University campus.

What are the target groups of XLAB?
High school students, school classes, teachers and undergraduate college or university students from all over the world. 

XLAB International Science Camp

Every summer XLAB organizes two International Science Camps. They are open to interested high school students and undergraduate college and university students from all over the world. Courses are offered in biology, chemistry and physics.

Camps in  the summer of 2016

first Camp from June 19th to July 10th,
second Camp from July 30th to August 21st

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XLAB courses for classes from abroad

Experimental classes are scheduled to last from one day to three weeks during which the students swap their classrooms for the laboratories at XLAB. You may choose from 80 different courses in physics, chemistry, biology, ecology and neurophysiology.
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