X-ray Physics

X-rays have various applications in medicine, science and technology. At XLAB, we investigate this kind of radiation itself. With multi-purpose X-ray sources, the participants measure X-ray spectra using the rotating-crystal method at varying acceleration voltage. Focusing on the bremsstrahlung, the participants can determine the Planck constant. The characteristic spectra of different anode materials (Fe, Cu, Mo und W) allow conclusions on the electronic structure of these metals. Thus, the participants deepen there knowledge about quantum physics and atom physics.

The course comprises an introduction into the theoretical background of the experiments. The rotating-crystal method can be introduced with microwaves if desired. Please contact the Öffnet internen Link im gleichen Fensterteam of the physics department for details.

Duration: 1/2 day
Max. number of participants: 14
Suitable combinations: Öffnet internen Link im gleichen FensterLaser Physics, Öffnet internen Link im gleichen FensterWave Physics

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