Classical and Modern Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the technical and industrial utilization of biological and biochemical processes
The oldest biotechnical product is most likely mead made from honey. Around 9000 years ago the process of alcoholic fermation for the production of beer was improved by the use of yeast. With the discovery of penicillin by Fleming a new aera began.  The modern biotechnology mainly works with methods of genetic engeneering and molecular biology. It covers the production of food, drugs (e.g. antibiotics, insulin, interferon) and chemicals for the industry as well as major parts of the agricultural production.

In the laboratory you may carry out experiments of the classical and modern biotechnology. For example:

  • isolate your own DNA
  • investigate genetically engeneered bacteria
  • isolate the grenn flourescing protein
  • investigate microbiologically processed food like milk, sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), saussages, beer and more
  • analyze the action of several antibiotics

Duration: 2 days
Number of participants: 

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