Dr. Dirk Gries

Biology teacher at XLAB

Phone: +49 551 39 13602
Fax: +49 551 39 12 951
Email: dgries (at) xlab-goettingen.de

Studies of botany, soil science an physical chemistry. PhD in botany at the university of Göttingen. post doc at the Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences, UC Riverside, USA, research associate at the Forest Ecosystems Research Center and the systematic-geobotanical Institute. Research associate and lecturer in the Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Research at the Albrecht_Haller-Institute for Plant Sciences.
Habilitation in botany at the biological faculty of the University of Göttingen
2. state examination (lectureship for secondary schools) in biology and physics

Research topics: Ecophysiology an biophysical control of carbon flow in forest ecosystems, hydrologic balance and productivity of desert vegetation, mobilization of iron, copper and zinc as well as other rhizisphere processes. Aluminium toxicity.
Since 2007 lecturer for informatics and ecology at XLAB.