"Hands-On Universe" - Project

»Hands-On Universe« (HOU) is a computerbased Curriculum which was originally developed at the University of Berkeley. Using specially developed image-processing software, students learn to apply mathematics and physics to solve real astrophysical problems. The analysis of astronomical images obtained using a world-wide network of telescopes is particularly attractive and motivating. HOU is being used in over 500 classrooms all over the world (starting 1998 in Munich and since 2000 in and around Göttingen). HOU shows how computers and the internet can be effectively used for scientific projects. Since HOU is a global community of classrooms and advisor (e.g. USA, Sweden, France, Great Britain, Brazil, Australia), there are many possibilities for using e-mail to conduct common projects with classes, teachers, and scientists from all over the world, naturally promoting inter-cultural exhanges and the use of foreign languages. The Universitäts-Sternwarte regularly offers teacher’s workshops in conjunction with XLAB; further information can be found here.

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