Organic reaction mechanisms

A variety of basic experiments illustrating reaction mechanisms of the organic chemistry will be carried out by the students. The different mechanisms are investigated in three experiments.

1. Bromination reaction at alkanes and alkenes. In this experiment bromination reactions are carried out at different alkanes and alkenes. Based on the detection of specific reaction products the students draw conclusions on the reaction mechanism. The reaction conditions should be varied too.

2. Synthesis and reactions of ethyleneIn this experiment ethylene will be synthesised from ethanol. Probable side reactions will be discussed. By using the most simple alkene the reaction with an aqueous bromine solution will be studied in detail.

3. Substitution reactions at haloalkanes: The substitution reaction with water and hydroxide ions respectively will be investigated at different isoforms of halobutanes. The reaction will be monitored semi quantitatively by changes in the pH-value. The program may be supplemented by experiments to the cracking of petroleum products or the synthesis of a variety of polymers

Recommended: from grade 11 on,

max. 24 students

Duration: 1 day

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