XLAB Foundation

Objectives of XLAB Foundation

The XLAB Foundation promotes science and the dialogue between science and society by financial support of the XLAB - Experimental Laboratory for Young People.

Supported are:

  • Experimental courses for school classes from Germany and from abroad
  • International Science Camps
  • Science Festival
  • Advanced teacher trainings
  • XLAB Alumni Association

The XLAB is funded to about a third by public means. For grants and investments as well as for the long-term financial security it needs in addition a powerful private foundation with high capital.



You can also support the XLAB Foundation

The XLAB Foundation is an independent and legally responsible foundation. The assets of the Foundation are currently € 100 000 and are to be augmented by additional cash inflow. Projects are funded from interest income while the assets remain intact. Donations do not flow to the Foundation's assets - they are used in a timely manner in accordance with the funding goals of XLAB Foundation.

The XLAB Foundation is acknowledged by the tax office Goettingen as a non-profit-organization. Endowments and donations entitle the benefactors or donors for deduction of special expenses pursuant to § 10b of the Income Tax Act. A certificate will be issued. 

Sparkasse Göttingen
IBAN: DE93 2605 0001 0033 2010 21






Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Neher, Vors.

Matthias Brede, stellv. Vors.

Mark Lindigkeit, RA


Board of Trustees:



Prof. Dr. Axel Zeeck, Vors.

Susanne Litfin, stellv. Vors.

Dr. Andreas J. Büchting

Dr. Henrike Hartmann

Prof. Dr. med. Anna-Kathrin Hell

Thomas Oppermann, MdB

Dr. Wolfgang Schimpf


E-Mail: stiftung (at) xlab-stiftung.de




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