It was a really great experience. From studies to tours and games, I enjoyed every part of it. I got the opportunity to make friends from so many countries and learn about their cultures. ISC 2014 played a very big role in shaping my personality. The education system is great and the best thing is that the teachers are extremely friendly and helpful. I am going to miss all the friends that I made here.

Thank you Xlab for providing me such a memorable experience for a lifetime.

Mehul Agrawal,
Indian institute of Information Technology, Allahabad.

July 2014

It’s really difficult to sum up 3 weeks in few words but here it goes: science knowledge, international friends and unforgettable experience. That is what XLab has provided me and I would like to thank the team as well as my mates for making me live a reality even better than dreams.
We have been able to work in real laboratories doing more than interesting experiments while making friends from all over the world. I can ensure you that this enriching experience will forever remain in me as one of the best things that have ever happened in my live. I will definitely miss it a lot.

Àstrid Pascual from Spain

July 2014

“My name is Thomas Offner and I participated in the ISC XLAB in 2009.

Back then, the XLAB offered me the possibility to do sophisticated hands-on experiments in the subjects of Molecular Biology, Anatomy and Neurophysiology. The profound knowledge and experiences gathered during the three weeks have had valuable influence on my later studies of Molecular Medicine in Erlangen. The lab experience gained in the ISC opened up the possibility to get internships more easily and also contributed in a very strong manner to my decision to become a scientist. In 2013 I applied for the International Max-Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Neurosciences in Göttingen, to be part of a program, that could provide high quality method and lab courses, combined with an international environment of people from all over the world. Criteria, which I learned to appreciate for the first time during the science camp. I got selected and each time  I'm passing the XLAB to go for lunch, I think back to the great time I had back then and how I even made friends, I'm still in contact with.”

Thomas from Germany

October 2013

I just wanted to say one big thank you for great program and wonderful tourist tours (especially Harz mountain and Jewish memorial, it was really remarkable). Also, experience we had with the real-time scientists was unique for me and convinced me to endure&enjoy in further science commitment.

Danica from Serbia

ISC August 2012

Now that I'm back at home, I can say with confidence that being a part of the XLAB International Science Camp changed my life in many ways. I learned a lot; about science, teamwork, and forming connections and friendships- and I learned it by doing, as we were told in the first days: practice, practice, practice is the best way to learn. I saw that science is international and connects people everywhere. I now know that Biology is the field that I would like to pursue in my higher education. I'm sure that I will come back to Gottingen sometime, and will make sure to visit the colorful building that was my home for three amazing weeks back in 2012.
Thank you very much,
Elizabeth from Israel

ISC, July 2012

How to put such a great experience in a short comment? Impossible, if you ask me!
In the International Science Camps in XLAB there are so many things combined: On the one hand you learn a lot about the topics you have chosen and do many experiments by yourself. On the other hand you make a lot of amazing friends from all over the world and have an unforgettable time together!
I think nobody of us will forget the 3 1/2 weeks we spent this summer in Göttingen! Miss you guys... Hopefully we will meet again sometime!
Finally, I would like to thank the XLAB team for giving young people like us the opportunity to experience real science and living all together in an international community.

Thank you very much everybody!

All the best,
Laura from Germany

ISC, July 2012

I had such amazing time in XLAB! Although I was kinda worried about whether I could get along with other people before I went, everyone was so nice and fun to talk to. The labs were amazing and well-equipped. It's great to meet people from so many different countries. I learned how to count in Turkish and Korean :) I miss everyone a lot and definitely want to come back sometime!

Xin from China

ISC, July 2012

Since I knew some information about the XLAB, I became interested in being part of its fantastic Summer Camps, and the truth is that I felt absolutely impressed when my dream was possible. However, I have to recognize that I never imagined it would be so enjoyable.In the XLAB, I have done amazing experiments, I have been able to work with the best equipement I had never used before, I learnt a lot, I had great teachers, I felt like a young scientist... But apart from all these wonderful things, I met nice people from all around the would, and that's why I have friends everywhere now. Besides, I could visit cities such as Gottingen or Hannover with them, go to the swimming pool, or learn the numbers in Korean!!Anyway, there's a little problem: I miss them, but I can't visit all their countries. Therefore, I wish we could organize a meeting some day, and I will remainlooking at our photos everytime I need their love.

Thank you all,
Judith from Spain

ISC July 2011

Your program "changed my life": I realised that being with people from all around the world was amazing! But the most wonderful thing was that we where together doing science!!! So, I decided that, in the future, I will like to repeat the experience, to study abroad...

Glòria from Spain

ISC August 2011

Fadil is very impressed by not only the science but also the scientists who conducted the course and the supporting staff. He says everybody was very humble and did not hesitate to admit mistakes. He was impressed by the hands on experience he had in the lab. He has also seen more of Germany in three weeks than I saw in three years. Who knows, he might possibly come to Germany for his higher studies.

Father of a Science Camp participant from Sri Lanka
ISC August 2010

I’m Laia, from Catalunya (Spain). I remember I read some of this comments before coming to the XLAB. All of them said fantastic things about this International Science Camp, and that’s why I expected a lot from it. After having been there I can say it didn’t disappoint me at all! The courses were intensive and had great equipment. And that's the reason I learnt a lot. However, the best of the camp were the 31 young people I met there. It was really interesting being with guys from everywhere, playing sports and going to the swimming pool with them. Do you remember the slide, the platforms and the grumpy man who lived next to the football pitch? Besides, I learnt a lot from them and I could practise my English. Could I want something more? Yes, in fact I can. I would like you to live closer, as it is really difficult to meet... But well, take for granted that I’m going to visit you!  Thank you all.

Laia from Spain
ISC July 2010

Xlab was one of my best experiences that were both educational and enjoyable. It was a great opportunity for me to study different subjects. Xlab helped me to decide which subject I ‘m going to study in the future. More than that, now I have new friends around the world, and a family in Germany. Thank you all for this great experience.

Best Wishes,
Melis from Turkey
ISC July 2010

I'll try to writte a text about XLab. I'm not sure from where to start and if I start it will be hard to stop because I have sooo much to say. Here goes nothing:
Tell me my friend what does XLab mean to you? Just a word? For me it's not just a one word; it's not just some camp in Germany. It's something even bigger, something even better. Just say it; just say XLab and magic will begin. Real magic! That's the place where I met great people, when i gained great experience, when I finally understood some things. I'm not quite sure if there is any word that can express my happiness for given chance to attend such camp. I still hope that this is all a dream and that I'll wake up in Göttingen and enjoy in one more day with my friends. Miss You all and thank You for everything!

Mit herzlichen Grüssen,
Marjan from Serbia

ISC July 2009

XLAB is a place for science and friends. For me the science camp was the best time in the sommer of 2009! It was very interesting to work in an international team on topics and with equipment you do not have at school. Also there were many opportunities for social activities on evening and weekend. After the science camp I still have contact to other members all over the world.

Nick from Germany
ISC July 2009


One of the most enriching experiences in my life, either in a personal or in a professional level.

Enric from Spain
ISC August 2009


„Viktor hat es ausgezeichnet gut gefallen, er hatte viel Spaß in den Labors und auch mit den von Ihnen organisierten Freizeitveranstaltungen! Er hat viele nette Leute kennengelernt und eine ausgezeichnete Motivation für sein letztes Schuljahr zum IB mitgebracht.“

Mutter eines TeilnehmersISC August 2009

“Quite some time has passed since this years August science camp and i was just at the moment looking through some pictures from the camp when i thought i really need to thank you for organizing all of this. This was actually my first camp ever and i loved it, i can almost with 100% sureness say that this was my best summer ever, sort of even life/point of view/mood/life-quality lifting, changing experience (i won't go into many details here, because it's sort of personal, but still).
Thank you for helping me participate in this wonderful thing.
If you happen to see Dr. Tobias Schmidt, Dr. Rosenbusch or Mr. Krawczyk and Mr. Steinmetz please send my best regards for they were all excellent teachers. Also if you happen to run into any people who were responsible for us please send my greetings too, they were all great aswell.

Thanks again,
Audrius from Lithuania
XLAB'08 August


This year is still young but I am sure that all the involved teachers and advisors are already preparing for the Sience Camp 2009. As I look back on the three weeks I spent in Goettingen in 2007 I have to thank all these people for doing an incredible job over and over again. This three week experience was not only filled with interesting studies but also with exciting activities and a lot of fun. The fact that my sister is applying for this years Sience Camp shows that I really enjoyed my time there and I hope that she will make the same incredilbe experience.

German School New York
ISC July 2007


I still remember the small conversation I had with Cathrin at first week of the camp; my answer was so certain when she told me maybe I will be studying in Germany in the future. I had said “No, I don’t think so” without thinking. Well, now I see how my mind changed after XLAB was over. I indeed thought about studying in Germany because I was amazed by the importance being attached to science in Germany and I even made up my mind about my major after the camp: everything related to biology in molecular level. Now, I am a Biochemistry and Cell Biology student in Jacobs University Bremen and I thank to Dr. Eva-Corinna Feil, Dr. Michael Ferber, Dr. Martina Henn-Sax and Dr. Stella Aspelmeier I have taken course with in XLAB. However in XLAB, we don’t learn just from teachers, we also learn from each other. At this point, I should also thank to my lab partner from whom I got information and help in the topics that I haven’t covered in high school till my senior year. Besides being filled up with information in those 3 weeks we have spent in the labs, I have also enjoyed the activities, the excursions we did so much. Overall, it is always nice to know other people from different countries and cultures :) I can honestly say, summer of 2007 was one of the best summers I have ever had, thanks to all XLAB team beginning with Dr. Eva-Maria Neher for their efforts to make us spend the best time ever :-)

Hazel from Turkey
ISC July 2007


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