Department of Chemistry

XLAB Chemical Department predominantly conducts experiments that can’t be easily practiced in school. The procedure of these experiments can make difficulties for different reasons: may be the experiments last too long, particular equipments or chemicals are needed or they must be conducted in a hood. This enumeration shows that the XLAB chemistry laboratory is not created for simple experiments.

We offer a series of well proved experiments but on the other hand we are always intended to create new experiments. I.e. we ask our visitors, which topics they prefer and than we offer corresponding experiments. If the equipment of the XLAB chemical laboratory is not sufficient the kindly support of the chemical institutes at the Georg-August-University in Göttingen is ensured. Therefore, with support of co-workers of different departments also modern technologies can be used. By this the possibilities of the XLAB chemical laboratory are nearly unlimited.

Laboratory and Supervision
The XLAB Chemical Department is visited by students from grade 8 on to 13.
During the experiments the students are supervised by Öffnet internen Link im gleichen FensterDr. Birgit Drabent, chemistry teacher, and different tutors or assistants.